The Stop message No2 of suicide.

Consider the minus side on lives, such as frustration and failure, how.

If human beings did not have experience of frustration or failure, what had happened to this world now? Probably science civilization like this will not exist. The convenient machine and many convenient things which we use were produced as a result of human beings having challenged for a long time. It was a chain of frustration and failure coming so far.

Man is not immediately successful, when it challenges to one thing. In order to succeed, frustration and failure were experienced repeatedly and the target is reached. Man's life may also fall victim. However, human beings move forward repeating frustration and failure, and have continued up to now.

It cannot move forward, if it was made worried just because our life also made frustration and a mistake. If it is made worried, it will become "depression" or will "neurosis." An important thing is saying how frustration and failure are considered here. When it says from a conclusion, frustration and failure are the treasuries of the precious article which teaches that there was nothing from a part for former. Essence for frustration and failure to move forward to the following step is hidden. When such a thing is said, people who have a question as "really?" are almost the case. However, it is not known without frustration and failure that it is new. There is no human being who understands from the beginning that it is new. Man notices a new thing only after experiencing frustration and failure. It is man. Human beings' history repeated frustration and failure and a new thing has been discovered. Therefore, human beings built wonderful civilization. Those who made frustration and a mistake and are depressed need to notice this. It is decided that it will be "failure teaches success."

It will be added if minus and minus are multiplied in mathematics. Frustration and failure are the aspects of affairs of minus for man. However, this minus is changeable into man at plus. For example, suppose that you failed in the enterprise and left a large amount of debt. In such a case, you must not consider worrying worriedly and "committing suicide." Don't die from such a problem. It is the arrangement method of a debt that it must think first by such an economic problem. In such a case, the right arrangement method is chosen law. Please do not borrow money by any means from the illegal finance of high interest rates. Moreover, if it robs, it will lapse into a plight increasingly. Please consult with a lawyer on a legal problem. When it goes bankrupt, it is important to choose the right solution using law. If it makes a mistake in this, it will go in the surprising direction. What is necessary is just to redo life, if a problem is solved completely. And the experience which went wrong is surely helpful into new life. The view over money and the view over work change. If you reflect on why it failed, what has not been noticed at all until now can be discovered. If the right solution is chosen when you failed, a new way will surely open. It is a view important also for eye a many in a direction bright in the future to choose the right solution by frustration and failure. This is the same also in an individual problem. Correspondence is overdue, if slow in order to have frustration and failure in plus. The more correspondence is overdue, the more the situation is aggravated. It brings forward and an early decision is important. Please be in charge of problem solving by the soul of first move, sure victory.

The present age's "depression" by stress is increasing. Let's consider and see how this minus is changed into plus. If man becomes sick, he has only a doctor. Please treat "depression" correctly. You became sick for writing unreasonableness. It is necessary to improve an old life. It is necessary to improve how to commit former. Men has to rest, when resting. Man becomes sick for the first time, and notices "Resting is important." Various points examining themselves can be discovered by the favor which became sick. Such a thing is considered as plus. Although I think that it is in addition to this, please consider the rest for yourself.

Man discovers new value only after he experiences the thing of minus. Please be caught only by the minus sides in frustration or failure, and that idea should throw away, saying "I am hopeless","I being in the end" or, and "the future being pitch・black." It is not now useless. Please think that the big chance to notice a new thing is coming. The chance somewhat to enlarge you is coming. Thus, please think.

Next, I wish to consider "worrying." It often hears the thing of the person who committed suicide "it seems that it worried about some problems." "A trouble" cannot be lightly considered for man. If it worries worriedly alone, it becomes impossible to sleep night also. And a nerve gets tired. If it becomes impossible to sleep at night, please have a hypnotic prescribed from a doctor. Sleeping first is important. Please consult with those who can trust that you next worry. Please open your heart and tell a counselor a trouble honestly. It is that this is the most important. Please do not hold a trouble alone by any means. The psychology where man does not want to show others a weak point works. However, that it is alone unsolvable arises in life. There are we, also when I have to have people help. When such, I speak about the actual condition obediently and please have advice given. Those who become power are surely needed. The heart becomes light only by telling people a trouble. Man encounters various things, while making a living. It is natural to encounter various things. Life is not only the occurrence of plus. Rather, many occurrences of minus are awaiting. No value can discover the life which succeeds all and does not have failure and frustration, either. Life is interesting just because there are various things. And the subtlety of the depth of life, pleasure, joy, and humanity can be felt. Especially it is valid, it can be experienced. If it dies, there is no worth born to man.

Just grinding the problem of minus of life by plus thinking is the secret which opens a new fresh ground. Man gets it. Money is not applied to changing a "view." Cost is zero. It is good only by making "a positive decision" by oneself.

Man understands nobody for a future thing. The man will be God if there is a person who understands. Therefore, the thing of your point and nobody understand. Although we do not understand a future thing, we have the peculiarity of being freely pessimistic of the future. There are much people "will be pessimistic of the future" if the aspect of affairs of minus is encountered in life. Although nobody understands a future thing, it thinks freely such. Suppose that the large・sized hurricane of 60m of maximum wind speed is approaching now the place in which you live. In that case, what do you do? You regard as waiting that clamp a board on a sliding shutter and hurricane passes. That is because you understand "Hurricane does not keep still and passes."

If the storm of life is encountered, there are those who are freely pessimistic and take their life. The storm of life as well as hurricane passes. What is necessary is just to wait to pass. Please do not make absolute what it is freely pessimistic and takes a life. Man can solve on any aspects of affairs by plus thinking. The day whose storm of life is no longer a storm surely comes on by this plus thinking. And also when this storm can be appreciated on the contrary, it surely comes. The storm of life grows up you as a result.

Now, you are trying to take down 200 goods containing 30kg by hand from a track. It is the very tight labor which is taken down to one one・piece hand. You will consider work not surely do. However, it changes depending on a view. "It is the time of lack of exercise now." "Money is paid specially in a sport gym, and he be can exercise and can sweat." "If this work is done, money will be got and movement will also be possible." "And he can sweat." "There is no such good movement." If it thinks by such plus thinking, a positive motivation will come. Thus, if it thinks, minus will change to plus. Various minus in life is also changeable into brass by your "view."

The Stop message No3 of suicide.

Just controlling attachment is connected with "plus thinking."

One of the origins of suffering of man is attachment. Suffering will be lost if this heart can be abolished. However, man has not thrown away this attachment enough and cannot do it. As long as man is alive, he has to associate with this attachment.

Although man can throw away attachment or cannot abolish it, it can lessen by efforts. If attachment can be controlled such, as for a few, in "the problem of suffering", light will come very.

The concrete problem was listed below. When considering these problems by what kind of "plus thinking", it was thought of whether suicide could be prevented.

@ An enterprise goes wrong, there is a large amount of debt, and it has become the liabilities surpass assets which it cannot finish returning even if it all disposes of property.

・・・・Since money was not valued, Heaven's Vengeance went down. Law arranges a debt in the right order. I restudy life from the beginning. Man is the one body when born. When dying, it cannot have and nothing can go to the next world. While it is alive, it is long cherished desire, using money for all. I will reflect on and redo an old thing.

A When treating with depression or the illness of the heart of neurosis.

・・・・Since it had worked hard until now, God gave me the holiday. There is no such opportunity rash. I will rest slowly. It is unavoidable even if the pace of work falls. Health is the most important anyhow. Even by ruining health, it is not necessary to work. First of all, I will regain health.

BThere is little income and a life is serious.

・・・・It is a best chance to memorize the thrifty secret. I will economize thoroughly at this opportunity. I will lose a waste of food.
※ There are many people who came to be able to do except and storage.

You think that I have been noticed by that attachment has decreased when "plus thinking" is carried out from these examples. Man can shift attachment to "plus thinking" by lessening in this way. Those who cannot control attachment on the contrary may become a big incident when some problems come. For example, when man and woman's separation talk tangles, one side is killed suddenly. It is important to control attachment also from this. However, controlling is not easy. Training is required to some extent. An important thing is what "it considers for that it is opposite to a desire."Attachment can be controlled now by carrying out "training which considers that it is opposite to a desire. Attachment can be controlled now by carrying out "training which considers that it is opposite to a desire. Then, it comes to be also able to simplify shifting to "plus thinking." It can make a living, even if it will encounter what kind of misfortune, if it makes a living by "plus thinking." And if you fall into the habit of "plus thinking", life can be enjoyed numbers of times. If there is even a life, man can do redo any number of times. Please drive this in the head. Please do not make the foolish thing of suicide absolute.

"Criminal consciousness" is in one of the sources which trouble. You have to process "criminal consciousness" by a certain method to prevent suicide. Here, one method of processing this "criminal consciousness" positively was carried. Please make it reference.

An example of the processing method of "criminal consciousness".

If man encounters the minus phase of life, he has the character which troubles itself with "criminal consciousness"The degree of consciousness changes with individual differnce. This "criminal consciousness" is serious. Even those who are crushed by this consciousness and commit suicide are needed. Here, an example of the processing method of "criminal consciousness" was carried. Please overcome by the next "plus thinking."

・・・・I considered that former was only bad. From now on, it is reformed. And for people, it works hard for society and atonement of sins is also carried out.

An important thing is processing positively here. This view becomes the turning point which goes in the bright direction. This is a primary importance point. Although carried as an example here, please consider "the positive processing method" uniquely and perform it.

If the crime in which you break the law is committed, please surrender yourself promptly. It will surely be released from pain. Moreover, the more the degree of "criminal consciousness" is strong, the more please perform many goods behavior which is beneficial to society. That is one method of ruining a crime.
Although it became the last, the contents of the above sentence were intelligibly summarized as "an expiatory law" below. Please make it reference.

@ When the degree which feels a crime is a level 10, good behavior of the surface integral of a triangle ABC is performed. In the case of a level 20, good behavior of the area of a triangle ADE is performed.

A The more the degree which feels a crime is strong, the more you have to carry out good behavior, such as much social service. The minus psychology of "criminal consciousness" can be driven out out of the heart with the plus psychology of "good behavior of social service" by doing so.

B "Criminal consciousness" goes in the direction which blames itself. Please turn of the good behavior of social service the energy which blames itself. If it continues blaming itself, it will damage rapidly and it will be ruined. Since it does not become such a thing, please love yourself. And please value yourself. This thought is important. Loving oneself leads to loving people.

・・・・ Responsibility of keeping living.
    A youth must not draw the conclusion which dies early so much.
    You must not die.


Redo is impossible if it dies!!
Doesn't it think over?

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